08. August 2018
Do you think the act of giving out business cards is dying out? Before you change anything read this blog to see how important they still are
22. August 2017
The power of colour and the effect it can have you and others around you is amazing. When you are considering your colour choices, should you be choosing your favourite colour? Read on and see what you think the answer is?

02. August 2017
Colour plays a vital role in your branding whether you are aware of it or not. Its gives your business a personality to your audience before you even meet them. Consider your colours are they right for you and your business?
18. July 2017
Have you ever wondered what design journey your logo goes on? Here is a very short look behind the 'screen' look at my logo design process.

04. July 2017
Your logo, and ultimately your brand, is your silent advertiser and it works for you in your absence, so getting it right first time is so important. Here are a few of my own suggestions that might help you when considering your own logo and brand.
20. June 2017
One of my goals this year was to start my own business blog. So here goes this is just a short one to start giving you a quick insight of what my blogs will be all about. A new venture for me so lets see where it leads....